Jamb 2015: Answer these 26 Possible Jamb Questions From Last Days at Forcados High School.

- February 15, 2015
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1. Mrs. Kemi Solade died of
A. cancer B. shock C. ovarian cancer D. hypertension
2. ______is the principal of Sy. Catherine School
A. Mr Mallum B. Mrs Obanje C. Mr Vann D. Mr Tade
3. Efua can be described as
A. arrogant B. liar B. unfortunate and victim of circumstances
D. spoilt child
4. ______ is fond of Jimi and called him by his full name
A. Risikat B. Mama Silifat C. Funmi D. Aunt Moni
5. ______ violated and intimately harassed Efua
A. Jimi Solade B. Jolly Stephens C. Efua’s stepfather D. Ansa
6. _____ is nicknamed cane by the student
A. Mr Bade B. Mr Vann C. Miss Agbenenovi D. Mr. Mallum
7. The rhymers are
A. the choir of St. Catherine School B. Jimi, Ansa and Nene C.
group of five boys at Forcados high school D. Some girls at
Forcados High School
8. Why did the Principal of Forcados High School choose to
reinvestigate the theft of the laboratory equipment?
A. He knows Jimi Solade couldn’t do such things
B. He knows some bad gangs must have influenced Jimi
C. Efua challenge at him during Jimi’s public apology
D. intervention of uncle Kazeem
9. _________ arrived from United Kingdom for the burial
of Kemi
A. Femi B. Wole C. Uncle Kazeem D. Aunt Memunat
10. One of these suffered from child abuse
A. Wole Solade B. Jolly Stephens C. Efua Coker D. Ansa
11. Mr Vann is the
A. Mathemaatics Teacher B. English teacher C. Chemistry
teacher D. Physics teacher
12. Funmi’s reason for remarry is
A. for better life B. to have a man assist her in upbringing her
only daughter C. to have more assistance D. for financial
13. Unlike Jimi, Efua is
A. not close to her mother B. is good in all subject C. close to
her mother D. none
14. The principal of Forcados high school is
A. Mrs Obanje B. Mr Mallum C. Mr Vann D. Mr Salami
15. According to the principal Miss. Agbenenovi is to
occasionally fill in for
A. Mr Mallum B. Mr Bade C. Mr Mallum D. Mr Salami
16. Efua’s attitude to people must have been influenced by
A. lack of motherly trust B. lack of motherly attention C.
memory of intimate harassment and violation D. all of the
17. One of these do not attend the same primary school with
with Jimi Solade
A. Nene Ekpo B. Jolly Stephens C. Efua Coker D. Ansa
18. _____ is the head boy of Forcados High School
A. Seyi Lawal B. Jimi Solade C. Ansa Izaegbegbe D. Jolly
19. _____ has unspoken contest will Jimi over chemistry
A. Ansa B. Seyi C. Eze D. Jolly
20. Aunti Moni is
A. Mrs Solade B. Mrs Alli C. Mrs Ekpo D. Mrs. Izaegbegbe
21. Efua’s was expelled from St. Catherine School because
A. she ran away from school without notice B. her defiant
reply to the principal C. she perform woefully at the last exam
D. she is sick
22. Ansa wants to study
A. Electrical Engineering B. Architecture C. Medicine D. Fine
23. ________ photocopy Efua’s letter to Miss, Novi and
circulate it in the school
A. Nene Ekpo B. Jolly Stephens C. Ansa Izaegbegbe D. Seyi
24. Efua danced with _______ at Mid-term dinner of
Forcados high School
A. Jolly B. Jide C. Jimi D. Ansa
25. Efua shared her life experience with
A. Nene Ekpo B. Mrs Tanimoro, the guidance counsellor C.
Mr Mallum D. Mrs Ekpo
26. The head girl of Forcados high school is
A. Efua B. Nene C. Ada D. Caro.
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