JAMB 2015: Official RecommendedBook The Last Days At Forcados HighSchool - Ah Mohammed Chapter 8

- January 30, 2015
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The term was coming to a
close, which meant exams
and, more excitingly, the
inter-House Sports
Tournament. There would be
march past rehearsals and
football games and races
between the four house: Tiger,
Lion, Cheetah and Leopard.
Every day after classes. Their
voices could be heard
We don win o, we don win;
Tiger House, Tiger House na
you be de one!
For Nene, end of term meant
organizing the Carol Night
with the music teacher and
she was sitting in the
cafeteria talking to Efua
about it.
‘We don’t have enough male
voices this year, as usual.
Efua, would you like to sing?
You have a very nice low voice.
You could sing in the tenor
‘I can’t sing.’
‘Please sweetie, for me.’
Efua laughed in her
unexpectedly rich contralto.
‘I’m afraid I’ll be very busy.;
‘Yes. I’m in EGG. It’s a group
designed for the advancement
of women and children. I’m
especially involved in a youth
programme. Erdoo got me…’
‘Who’s ErDOO?’
‘Miss Novi.’
‘You call her Erdoo?’
‘Yes. I’ve been going to lots of
We’re staging a protest on
violence against women.
And next week is the
empowerment youth forum,
and we’ve been visiting the
Oh, and I’ve got a teens
Against HIV meeting this
evening and for the rest of
this week.’
‘Gosh Efua, that’s really busy,
but I’m glad you’ve found
something that interests you.’
Efua laughed musically again.
She is glowing, Nene thought.
She looks more beautiful than
‘Don’t worry, I’ll sing for you,’
Efua said.
She stood up abruptly. ‘Excuse
She left just as Jimi came
over. He was wearing
sleeveless cotton top and
grass stuck to the sides of his
‘Hi Nenes, we just won the
basketball match. Up Tigers! I
just saw the Witch here.’
‘Stop calling her that,’ Nene
‘Considering when you were
little you tormented her with
Lizards, and now you’re
pouring drinks all over her
and calling her names, I’m not
surprised you don’t get along.’
‘Yeah, yeah. I know she left
because of me. She just hates
‘Efua’s sweet and nice if you
get to know her.’
‘She can’t be like you,’ he
‘She went to girls-only school
where things were very
different and she’s not used
to all the gra gra gra here.’
‘What’s that?’ He wanted to
change the subject and
pointed at the paper she was
‘The carol list.’
‘Is Efua singing?’
‘Can I join the choir? You’re
always looking for boys?
Nene was astonished. When
did Jimi ever sing?
‘Jimi are you sure? You need to have a lot
of commitment.’
‘Don’t worry – and I’ll help you find some
more boys, if you like,’ Nene stood up,
‘Thanks jims, I’d appreciate it.’
The final day of the Inter-
House Sports Tournament
dawned bright and clear.
Students wearing the coloured
vests of their respective
houses milled about eagerly
discussing who would win the
hundred metres race, which
was the last event of the
tournament. Would it be Jimi
or Icheen? Parents and
teachers sat under shaded
tents in the stands.
An eager hush settled over the
crowd and eight boys were
gathered on the start line,
their faces stiff with
concentration. Jimi could see
Efua in the
stands with a slight malicious
sneer on her face, as it she
could see his fear. A flush of
anger rushed through him.
Alright, he’d show her!
The blast rang out and the
boys were off, running like
antelopes. From the corner of
his eye Jimi could see Icheen.
He strained against the air
until he felt he was moving
against water. Move! Move!
They crossed the finish line.
‘Great race for Tiger House!’
the microphone boomed. ‘Jimi
Solade first, Icheen Igbo
‘He won!’ Nene said smiling.
‘He won,’ Efua said
‘I’m sure he’s feeling like a
king now. The posturing
peacock who panders to the
‘Efua, please!’ Nene said
putting her hands on her ears.
‘Not everyone can understand
your English.’
Joke, who was standing with
them, signed, ‘Oh, but he’s
very nice_ and dishy too!’
The end-of-year Christmas
concert took place in the hall
with a large decorated
Christmas tree. During the
concert Jimi wore a Father
Christmas cap on stage, which
made everybody laugh, and he
sang in the bass section of the
choir. He had turned up for
every rehearsal.
‘Master Solade, you have a
very fine baritone,’ the music
teacher had said, delighted.
‘where have you been hiding?’
Nene sang all the soprano
solos and the group sounded
so beautiful that no one could
help but be touched. It was a
lovely performance, everybody
The music teacher felt like
hugging them all.
For Efua, the term had gone
very well indeed. The principal
had openly commended her on
her excellent results and, best
of all, she had met Erdoo and
they were doing things that
mattered in the world, like
helping the less fortunate,
trying to make the world a
better place.
The only irritating thing had
been that Jimi was in the
‘What’s up, baby doll?’ he’d
say every day.
‘For the last time, stop calling
me baby doll!’
‘Miss coker,’ the music teacher always said
pettishly, ‘can you
please pay attention?’
Only Ansa was not happy, even
though he had designed the
murals on stage. He had
failed his first term exams
and dreaded what his mother
would say.
Probably: ‘No more painting
for you,
Ansa. How many times must I
tell you…?’
Jimi came to take a bow one
last time.
He had won the best athlete’s
trophy and a prize for the
best exam result again, and
all the girls were coming at
him. The handsome schoolboy
spread his arms wide and
smiled. Everybody loves Jimi,
the whole school seemed to be
saying to him.
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