Etisalat Downloading Unlimitedly OnAll Devices Here(100% Tested &Confirmed

- January 30, 2015
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This tutorial will teach you how to use
Ucweb and Opera Handlers to download
unlimited on your Java/Symbian phone in
line with your etisalat sim.
Just keep calm and follow the below steps.
How to Download Unlimitedly With Ucweb
and opera Handler
==>Load 150# on your etisalat sim then
subscribe for etisalat unlimited smartpack
by dialing 3435*6#
==>Create a new setting/configuration
“Note: That after Putting Dose seetings in
dia right places, jus lunch your homepage
on ur fone, if it loads google homepage
according to ur settings it means ur ucweb
or operamini will load BUT” if u load ur
homepage browser and u see sumfin like
404 Not Found it means it will ur opera
and ucweb will not open any site, so
always make sure dat anytime u wanna
use it, d homepage open google site b4 ur
app can browse….
U knw what i cant be telling u all so use ur
brains tooo…..
==>Download Ucweb for Java Users
==>Download Opera Handler for java users.
Also For Symbian Users
==>Download UCWEB
==>Download Opera Handler
Download and Install dose apps with d
default settings dat cums with dose apps u
downloaded without changing anytin….
==>You can now turn on your UCweb or
opera handler and keep downloading….
Buh make sure u use ucweb for d fastest
Download of ur tym….
For android Users, do same settings and u
gonna enjoy it using 3G mode on ur
android….but it must be rooted android.
If you want to root your phone withing
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