- January 26, 2015
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o doubt almost every adult dumped 2go interactive messenger app years ago for Facebook, BBM, Whatsapp and Twitter and tte likes due to the fact that it got crowded by children and even toddlers lols.
When 2go was released, it was the hottest news in campus and towns..
My elder sister was the one who introduced the app to me.. I swear, back then I can chat on 2go for 20 hours straight without getting tired or bored. I grew hate for the app when it lost decorum and orderliness.
2go have been trying everything possible to gain its multi users back. They have upgraded from versions to versions, platforms to platforms and countries to countries.
Just last week, a thought of 2go ran into my mind. I downloaded the app just to check on my old pals in other States. Surprisingly, I was amazed with what I saw. The latest version of 2go I downloaded came with pretty cool mind blowing features.
The features include:
→Sharing of images
→Sharing of videos
→Shaing Of Games/App as file.
→Sharing of Eboooks/docs as file
→Improve Layout
→Changing of Phone Number
→Cropping of Images. Etc
How to share files on 2go:
1. Switched On Your Data connection.
2. Log into your 2go account.
3. Tap/click the friend whom you wish to share the file with
4. Click at the share icon on top your screen and choose the desired file your wish to share.
5. Click send.
That's it.
The most change that got me excited the most was the 'change of phone number option' I have being trying to change my 2go phone number for ages.. I changed it withing few minutes with the latest version.
How to change your 2go phone number within 1minute:
1. Log into 2go.
2. Click my profile
3. Click your menu button
4. Select change phone number
5. Input your new phone number and click change
6. A messenge with Link should be sent to the phone number.
7. Follow the click and click 'yes change number'
8. That's it, enjoy and buy lots of gocredit with your new number.
Download the latest 2go Here
I think 2go have completed what Whatsapp and the likes forgot. But do you think the improvements was made too late?
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