important things 2go usernames need to know

- October 12, 2014
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1. HOW TO INCREASE YOUR 2GO STAR There are some of my 2go friends who have been complaining that their 2go star is very slow when moving and even some are dormant. It was when they asked me of the trick in boosting 2go star that I decided to create this thread and also for some that are unaware of how to boost 2go star. This trick will show you how to increase your 2go star without any stress. - Download 2go v 2.0 - Use a sim card with 0.0 account balance (preferably Glo) - Launch your 2go. - It'll be displaying Logging in, connecting, just leave it like that. You can do this whenever you want to sleep! Do this for a week and see the miracles of the trick. 2. HOW TO GET UNLIMITED 2GO GoCREDITS - You must have at least N30 on your mobile phone - This Trick only works for a registered 2go sim card i.e the sim Card you used for 2go registration - Now do as if you want to buy GoCredit, click on 1100GC, thats for NGN.100 - Now when you click and it says allow Sim to send message, click No - Then go back and click on 300GC, thats for N30 and allow sim to send message - When it is confirmed, go back to your profile and you will see 1100GC. 3. HOW TO USE MORE THAN ONE 2GO STYLE - Purchase 300 Go credit. With 300 Gocredit u can get all 2go styles for free - Download any 2go style - Download another one and let it count up to 66% and then quit your 2go and then re-login back and see 2 styles together on your 2go account. 4. HOW TO RECOVER YOUR 2GO PASSWORD FOR FREE If you are in Nigeria, and you forget your 2go password, you will be charged N30 to recover your password but Here's the trick to recover your 2go password for free in Nigeria and all over the world. Follow This Step and Recover Your 2go password for free: - Go to or in your browser - Select KENYA As Your Country, even if you're in Nigeria or you are in another country - Select Your Language As ENGLISH - Click on GET HELP LINK - Then Click on I Forgot My PASSWORD/PIN - Then ENTER YOUR Phone Number In an International Format, for example +23481******** - Then Select PROCEED and your 2go password will be sent to your phone 10 Seconds for free without any charges!. NOTE:- -- It works only with the sim you used to register. If you've lost that 2go registered sim, i'm sorry, it will not work for you! and also Retrieving of 2go password is free in Kenya because 2go users are few so 2go decided to recover their password for free without any charges! 5. HOW TO CONNECT YOUR TWITTER ACCOUNT TO YOUR 2GO AND ADD TWEET DIRECTLY FROM YOUR 2GO APPLICATION Just follow the 5 steps below:- - First of all you need to Visit and sign in to your twitter account. Now, when you are logged in, Go to and click on the Sign in with twitter button. - Then, when it has signed in, Click on Authorise App. Then select desired account. Well its recommended to use Gmail because 2go only authorise Gtalk, immediately select Gmail and fill in your Gmail details. - Then Click On Register button, Now Open your 2go and go to Settings, click on Gateway and select Gtalk, then activate using your gmail logins all in lower case. - Now go to your friend lists and you will see a request from Twitter, click and accept request and add Twitter as a friend. - Any message you post on your friend "twitter" appears on your twitter profile! Now you have successfully activated Twitter gateway with your 2go account.
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